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Time4Learning – Online Language Arts
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I have been homeschooling for four years so you might think that I would have my systems all figured out. The fact is that I’m constantly looking for ways to do it better.

When I found Time4Learning, I knew that I had made a big step forward. Their system is built around the ChildU-CompassLearning software which was available to homeschoolers until three years ago and then withdrawn. It was popular but the corporation that bought ChildU has focused on schools. It was also a little difficult to use.

Time4Learning is a god-send: they make the ChildU materials available and they provide great support. I called with a question and they actually answered the phone. And my question! And they have solved almost all of the usability and interface problems both by configuring the system and by providing great  online documentation.

We worked primarily this past month with my first grader in language arts. She has had some trouble in learning to read. While she learned the alphabet and its sounds quickly, she got confused with blends and digraphs. The interactive multimedia learning exercises quickly got her over that hurdle and into reading short stories. Now she is working on reading comprehension and vocabulary. She uses the homeschool math program but there she is working well ahead of grade level. Time4Learning allows children to advance at their own pace in each subject.

Time4Learning also has good record keeping and reports that the parents can see and use for portfolios and reporting.

I highly recommend Time4Learning. I have children from preschool through middle school and now I have all of them on it as a supplement and in some cases, I’m using it for core curriculum for certain subjects.

5 stars for sure.

Lisa Kinter