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Print free handwriting worksheets with SpellingCity

OK – I know that I just posted about SpellingCity.com (It’s amazing), but every time I check out the site, I find something new and wonderful.

 How about this…Not only can you enter and save your own spelling list, not only can you take a spelling test online and play an array of different games using your list but you can now:

– use an amazing TeachMe that is great for visual learners. In fact, it evokes all the different learning modes and helps kids’ memories. It really helps teach spelling.

– print out your spelling list for copying over and handwriting practice.  Right now, it’s just lower case cursive with that lined paper that we use to teach handwriting. But the site says that script, capitals, and other fonts and a variety of sizes will be out soon. 

Spelling City is the best online spelling program. I’m so impressed.

Spelling tests made easy