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Summer Study – More

How different can you make the summer? How long a “total” vacation is OK for an elementary or middle school student?  Can they feel like they’re having a total vacation but can you slip in enough education to keep them from backsliding?  You know that a two or three month summer vacation can result in serious back-sliding. 

Here’s my answer to this question:
1. A summer reading program.
Fit it into everyday. Maybe for 30 minutes after lunch. Maybe after dinner.  Maybe it’s comic books or other light-reading. But thou shall read daily!  My daughter had a trip to Rome planned: I had her (high school) read Angels and Demons.  Ok, maybe it wasn’t the best choice, but it did give her some perspective on what she was about to see.
2. Explore ideas. Talk about history and social studies and math as you see its traces in your travels.
3. An alternative summer study program for 30 minutes per day. And I recommend Time4Learning.  Depending on your child’s needs, you can focus on math, language arts, or do both.  Take a look. 

Time4Learning - Summer

And I’ll quote Time4Learning:

Your child works hard during the school year and needs a summer vacation in order to come back refreshed. The sensible part of you knows that it would be foolish to waste the summer months, since a long vacation without study can result in backsliding. The sensitive part of you feels guilty about asking your kids to do work while their friends are spending their vacation doing other things.

 Here’s a solution:

Have you noticed how much your child enjoys using the computer? If you haven’t, you should. Kids are constantly surfing the web. Whether they’re checking out a video game or chatting with their friends, they are (without a doubt) online. So, it makes sense to turn to the web for a fun alternative to summer school. Time4Learning’s online interactive curriculum provides a web based summer learning program that they won’t mind using. In fact, they might even like it!

Time4Learning’s Web Based Summer Learning Program might be your answer.