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Curriculum – What Curriculum?

This post might disappoint or surprise you, I’m not promoting any curriculum here, not Abeka, not Time4Learning, nor Saxon.  What’s on my mind is the question of what curriculum should be?  Should our kids  learn about subatomic particles as part of their education but not how to build a house or how a flush toilet works? What literature and history and social studies should be studied? Is calculus as important as statistics or econometrics for advanced math?

My personal view is that education needs a pretty dramatic reform to catch up with society’s needs, todays learners, and the potential of technology based learning.

Educational standards get decided through a messy process but mostly, they don’t change very much.  I’ve gotten very interested in alternative approaches to education, partially due to my work with homeschoolers, partially because I’ve never been in agreement with the educational process. So I’m starting to explore:

I’m attending an online conference on Choice a la Carteby the Education Sector to explore much broader approaches to education.

I just joined a few groups dedicated to curriculum studies:  The American Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies and the  International Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies.

I’ll keep you updated on what I learn about what others are thinking.  Of course, I’m working on my own version of a very next generation set of curriculum tools and materials. It’s slow going since I’m simultaneously trying to think it through, build the content, develop the technology, and finance it.  Stay tuned.