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Name the Game – The Main Idea

Name the Game

Name the Game


VocabularySpellingCity is running a pretty clever contest right now. They are asking for help naming a new game.  And to make it clearly educational, they have published a lesson plan so that you can help your kids think through the question in naming the game of: “What is the Main Idea?”

Look, the idea of the main idea is core higher order thinking skill. What is the essay about? What is this play about?  What is he talking about?  The first step in naming the game is finding the essence of the game.

The second step is finding the catchiest way to express it. Like a headline, advertisement, or other clever use of words, it’s a particular challenge to pen a catchy pithy compelling title. Do your kids have what it takes? It’s not really a gift, it’s a learned skill.  So step right up, try out their new game, and see if you or your kids can name.  The prize is both the glory (a certificate) and free annual membership!

So, click through to play and then try to figure out a pithy catchy way to express the game’s main idea:  Name the Game!

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