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Writing and Blogging

Writing, like reading, is a key skill. Writing in particular forces students to express them precisely which leads to critical thinking and other higher order thinking skills. It also pushes them to express themselves and to have digested the basic materials and explain them.

But, the opposite is also true. There is little that is as demotivating as struggling over writing an essay that nobody except your mom is ever going to read. That can’t be a highly motivating great education.  What’s the solution?

What about blogging? Invite your student to create a blog on an issue or topic that they want to. This could be ongoing or it could be for a fixed amount of time.  As parents, you can also blog on your own and encourage your students to read your blog. I’ve been thinking a lot about blogs recently since I’ve been helping a new writer to create her blog, CarmensTravelTips.com, it’s about family international travel. Her latest post is about Most Scenic Breakfast Spots.

I’m pushing towards interest-driven homeschooling here in that you let the student pick the topic of the blog.  And based on the situation, you might let them use it as the start of a business or ongoing hobby although, of course, it is the internet and you’ll want to think carefully before you give them too much exposure out there.

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