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Most Popular Form of Homeschooling

As I speak to homeschoolers, homeschool experts, and homeschool groups, I’ve been soliciting information on what is the most popular approach to homeschooling.  Here’s what I think:

Many people with their kids in virtual schools think that they are homeschooling. Of course they are not. But this is a large segment.

Of the real homeschoolers, there are a lot that are eclectic combining a series of different homeschoolers. I spoke to one lady today, Tash, who had five kids being homeschooled. The oldest two were twins age 17, the youngest was 2. The oldest were using:

  • Texting Textbooks for Math
  • Apologia for Science
  • A Language Arts program whose name I forgot. They were using Time4Learning but stopped at the high school level when it jumped from $20 per child to $30 which they felt was prohibitive especially since the 2nd child had been only $15 up to high school.
  • A social studies program who name I forgot.

There are lots that do classical in a few forms, including Classical Conversations. A Beka is not as popular, now is AOP and Saxon as they use to be. Many people just use old textbooks for cost reasons.

Still looking for real data. I saw some on Todays-Learners.com but I’m not so sure where they got it.

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