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I’ve been looking around trying to identify some leaders in homeschool websites and communities. I’m not looking at the new social media, I’m focusing on the more traditional web-based approaches.

  1. Homeschool.com – They seem to be #1 in most people’s minds.
  2. HSLDA – These are a polarizing group which uses scare tactics and speaks for one segment.
  3. Ann Zeiss – One of the old ladies of homeschooling. A2ZHomeschooling.com is her site.
  4. Mary Pride – Another pioneer and old lady of homeschooling. She wrote one of the most popular books on homeschooling. Her site is Homeschool World.
  5. New sites: HomeschoolMom, Letshomeschoolhighschool, homeschoolliterature, secularhomeschool, – there ar many of these
  6. Curriculum sites with communities. Many of these are well done: TehWellTrainedMInd, Time4Learning.net, etc etc

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