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Home School High School Diploma Certificate

Homeschool-Diploma-Templates (1)It’s time for graduations. Have you thought about whether you are going to celebrate? Have a barbecue?  Take a trip?  Do some sort of ceremony?

And what about having a high school diploma printed up, suitable for framing.

The good folk over at LetsHomeschoolHighschool.com provide a variety of printable High School Home School Diplomas so click your way over there and pick on out for your special graduate. Yes, it’s free!



Ask a homeschooler! Step right up, don’t be shy!

There’s a new feature on LetsHomeschool Highschool that I am really enjoying

Ask A HomeschoolerThey have a highschooler who has been homeschooled for most of his life who will answer your questions.

Are you in school and want to know what it is like being homeschooled?

Are you a parent who homeschools who wants to bounce an idea off someone?

Whomever you are, if you question is legit, here’s your chance to get a thoughtful answers to your questions from an experienced and somewhat witty homeschooler.

But wait, what is my question is a little naive?  What if it’s really a matter of opinion?  The good news isthat you shouldn’t be embarrassed by an question, the more basic, the more interest. And, there are actually three different homeschool students waiting to take your inquiries each with their own opinion. Typical questions.

I’ve been considering giving homeschooling a try and wonder what it is like day-to-day. Is it lonely?

I’m currently homeschooled and I wonder if I will be able to get into a good college…

Are other homeschool parents concerned about supporting their student learning chemistry as you are…

So step right up, don’t be shy! Click through an Ask a Homeschooler!


Homeschool Highschool Graduation Celebrations

Lets Celebrate our Homeschool Graduations Together

Check out the homeschool highschool graduation celebrations for 2013!

If you or your child is a senior working toward graduation this spring, you have probably already started thinking about how you want to commemorate the occasion. Some families choose to celebrate privately at home or at a location that is special to them and some participate in local or regional festivities with a favorite homeschool support group or homeschool cooperative. Others, though, want to feel part of a wider commemoration and choose to take part in a larger ceremony organized by their state homeschool association.

LetsHomeschoolHighschool.com has put together a list of statewide graduations for 2013 that homeschool seniors can take part in.  Click on the associated link with each event to find out how to register in your individual state. If you know of a statewide homeschool graduation that we have overlooked in our listing, please use the comment form below to let us know.