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Novels About Homeschoolers

I’m excited about this new directory site! Have you ever wished that your kids could read more books in which the characters are not students going to schools but students being homeschooled.  Had trouble finding such books?

Introducing: the Home School Literature Directory!

Directory of Books About Home School Families

Directory of Books About Home School Families

The Homeschool  Literature.com was created to have a definitive list of literature or fiction books that feature homeschooling as a setting or homeschoolers. The HomeschoolLiterature.com site is a labor of love by Robin and Kerry who you can read about on the site.

We understand that homeschoolers don’t always see themselves mirrored in mainstream children’s fiction, so we wanted to create a site that was focused on books homeschoolers could identify with. We have read and reviewed each book personally; it is our intention to introduce these books and authors to readers of all ages. It is our goal to provide an honest, family-friendly online directory where everyone can come read book reviews and comment on them.

Who are your favorite homeschool authors? Want to read recent interviews of them and how they wrote their books?

Interview with Lisa M. Cottrell-Bentley author of the “Wright On Time” Series

Interview with Victoria Kasten~homeschooled author of “Mighty Stallion” series & more




Interview with Ed Ditto, author of “Gunrunner Moon” 

Interview with Gwen Lepkowski, author of ” Cross Country Treasure Hunt(And the Mystery that Followed)”

Interview with Leslie Schultz, author of “The Howling Vowels” 

Interview with Caja Coyote, authors of “Fractured Fate”

 Interview with Susan K. Marlow


Interview with Susan Kilbride, author of “Our America…The Pilgrim Adventure”  


BTW. Disclaimer. I am affiliated with this site that I am recommending. I wish every website and newsletter online would take the same proactive approach to distinguishing between pure editorial (no potential conflict of interest) and advertorial (clearly calling out the financial interest).  John


Online Homeschool Services and Communities

Homeschooling in 2013 is way different than it was in 2003!

What do I mean by that? I mean that back in the day, say just a decade or particularly 15 years ago, we homeschoolers were still pirates, on the fringes of society and education, trying to piece together  a curriculum. The textbook publishers wouldn’t necessarily sell us the teacher
T4L_Apr_468x60By 2013, here’s the reality. The homeschooling market is well defined and highly sought after. Vendors such as Time4Learning now have a solid decade of serving homeschoolers.  Over the last decade, Time4Learning expanded from it’s initial offering of PreK-3rd grade online until today, Time4Learning has curriculum for elementary, middle, and high school students. It’s a simple monthly fee, no contracts, plenty of tech support, a great community and forum with advice aplenty for new and experienced homeschoolers, and even some sponsored sites that truly enrich the community.copies.  And the digital age sounded good but the speed of the modems and amount of available materials was pretty miserable.

Homeschool writing courses online

Time4Writing is another contribution by Time4Learning to the homeschool learning possibilities. They have a series of eight week writing courses, reasonably priced, with licensed teachers who will work with your student during each course. Their Homeschool Online Writing Curriculum covers the basics in elementary, middle, and high school. It provides both advanced, at level, and remedial writing instruction.  The teachers are supportive, professional, and experienced.  And I quote:

Time4Writing offers a comprehensive online writing curriculum to homeschool students who are looking to build basic writing skills and fundamentals in a one-on-one teaching environment. Courses offered start at second grade and go through high school covering everything you need for a comprehensive homeschool writing curriculum.


Books about and by homeschoolers


One community sponsored by Time4Learning is the only free directory of literature by and about homeschoolers.

The HomeschoolLiterature.com site gives parents and children the chance to find books that talk about situations they can relate to.  We’re working on lesson plans, author interviews, more reviews, and maybe expanding into other closely related topics. Basically, there’s a decent library of books by and about us homeschoolers.  Lets read and support them. If you know of others, or want to be involved in reviewing or supporting them,   here are some possibilities (homeschool students too can help!):

  • Want to elaborate, agree, or disagree with a review? You can make comments on the bottom of each review. Or, if you’d like to review a book and be “published,” (and this is especially interesting to students who might like to have demonstrations of initiative and involvement to show on college applications), write us an email proposing reviews that you would like to write.
  • Think this site is a great idea? Link to it from your blog, Facebook account, or homeschool group.
  • Want to reprint our reviews in your homeschool newsletters or on your website? You may if you include a link back to us.

Disclaimer. I’m financially and emotional involved in all of these!


Homeschool Literature Book Club is now live!

Homeschool Literature ReviewsThe HomeschoolLiterature.com website is introducing a brand new FREE ONLINE BOOK CLUB for homeschool families, support groups, or co-ops, featuring…

  • fiction books with homeschooled characters
  • club ideas for all ages and grade levels
  • mixture of printable, online, and hands-on activities
  • additional resource links for book extensions

    HomeschoolLiterature Book Club

I’m going to go register. I know some of the Moms who have organized and just to hear their humor and wisdom, it’s easily worth the time. Tell your friends too.