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Homeschool Curriculum

The choice of a homeschool curriculum for homeschool parents is an ongoing challenge. 

One of the challenges of homeschool education
is selecting curriculum that meets the needs of each child. Many families find that what fits one child, may not fit another, or that what worked well one semester, may feel stale and stop working the next. Or in many cases, what works for one child in one subject, does not work for the same child in another subject. Well, nobody said it was going to be easy.

What most families discover is that their family’s educational needs cannot be met by a single curriculum. And that blending several homeschool programs and approaches can increase effectiveness. This eclectic homeschool approach allows the optimal education for each child. And it’s easier than you might think. In any case, it’s easier than trying to get kids to learn when using a curriculum that doesn’t work for them.  A few choices:

Online homeschool curriculum – Time4Learning.com (math & language arts)

Curriculum in a box (Christian) – Workbooks, teacher guides, textbooks – Abeka, Saxon, Calvert, BJU

Curriculum / Great Materials  – Sonlight

Math Only – Aleks, MathUSee, Five in a Row, Teaching Textbooks, Schiller

Writing Programs – Writeathome, Time4Writing.com, Writing Institute

Science – Apologia,