Dyslexia? What Homeschool Parents Should Know

I have recently read two superb articles on dyslexia which every parent with children that might have dyslexia should read. Neither is ground breaking, both are good summaries.

Kerry Jone’s Guide to Homeschooling A Child with Dyslexia

The Homeschool.com Article: 5 Facts About Dyslexia

I won’t summarize the articles since both are concise and fast reads, I will point out one difference between approaches. It has to do with the use of the word dyslexia.  It’s obviously, a complex word. Sounds very medical.

Both articles agree that dyslexia as a term covers a broad spectrum of neurological conditions. One article feels that a child will be relieved when they hear the term since they now have an understanding of how they are different, this will be cathartic since it is specific.

My view is  that the term dyslexia is not necessarily going to be a positive thing for all children. I think it’s a scary medical term. I’m more in the camp  in that students benefit most from hearing:

– specifics about how their mind is different
– what difficulties and strengths this will mean for them
– what compensating strategies and development plans they should pursue.
I do agree that a diagnosis for kids who have become anxious about their situation can be a very positive thing resolving all sorts of confusion and focusing them on what has to be done.  In terms of resources for dyslexia, there’s all sorts of choices. I would suggest that people focus on getting a competent diagnosis to start which, unfortunately, is a tricky process. Part of it is the process of elimination of other problems with high quality testing of vision and other possibilities.
Here’s another page of interesting on dyslexia and homeschooling.